We introduce ourselves as one of the leading Gas Power Generator manufacturers and also converting diesel power generator to either LPG or PNG or CNG or Biogas, etc.run of any make and any capacity. Please refer attached our letter and other details of our works and gas gensets.

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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as manufacturers of different Gas run Power Generators as shown in above subject with under mentioned salient features from 5 KVA to 360 KVA capacity Water Cooled, single or 3 phase Power Generators as per enclosed details. We are also CONVERTING DIESEL POWER GENERATOR TO EITHER FOR LPG OR PNG OR CNG.

  1. We are manufacturintg Gas Engines for specific Gas operation with proper Compression Ratio for better performance.
  2. We have developed Fully Adjustable Butterfly (Carburetor) with Air & Gas Mixture for good Fuel control. Alternatively, we are using IMPCO, USA make Carburetor/Mixer as per the customers requirement.
  3. We have developed adjustable Electronic Ignition System for easy engine advance/retire as per requirement.
  4. We are using Electronic Governing System for Gas Engine.
  5. All the Power Gensets are Self Start with Battery Charging D.C. Alternator. If required, A.C. operated Battery Charger will be provided at an extra cost.
  6. Large Size Radiator, Fan and Fan Cowl fitted for better cooling in water cooled engine.
  7. A Residential type Exhaust Silencer is fitted for low noise level.
  8. Minimum Vibration, Wide base frame with anti-vibrating mounting pads or Trolley Mounted.
  9. We are offering Sleepring or Brushless Alternator with Auxiliary Winding and Digital AVR to be Fitted as per customer’s choice.
  10. We are providing standard Manual electric panel containing AMP Meter, Volt Meter, Frequency Meter, Hours run Meter, Selector Switches, MCB and phase indicating lights as optional at extra cost.
  11. With the above salient features though MOST COMPETITIVE PRICE.
  12. Temperature Sensor and Temperature Meter as optional at extra cost.
  13. Oil Pressure Sensor and Oil Pressure Indication Lamp or Meter as optional at extra cost.
  14. Electronic RPM Meter as optional at extra cost.
  15. Any other special Indicators or Control can be arranged as extra cost.


Development of alternatively fueled engines has become vital in order to meet the increasingly stringent emissions norms being implemented globally. Furthermore, alternative fuels providea cost benefit, due to the lower costs of production of these fuels. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Pipeline Natural Gas (PNG) are promising alternative fuels in India.LPG is a prominent alternative fuel with well developed distribution infrastructure and increasing number of gasoline engines are now being converted to run on LPG considering the fuel economy and low exhaust emissions. 

Hi-Tech Energy Saving Equipments, Rajkot has expertise in development of LPG/PNG/Biogas/Biomass Gas engines. We have developed Carburetor with Air and Gas throttle, Mixer of Air and Gas and also ventury system, Mechanical Governing system, Electronic Ignition systems, etc. Most diesel engines can be converted to LPG/PNG/Biogas, etc. The power level of the engine after conversion depends on numerous issues, such as gas quality, power level of the original diesel engine, emission levels required, etc. Diesel engines converted to gas generally require added components as well as some mechanical changes to the engine.


  1. Disassemble engine
  2. Checking components and replace as necessary
  3. Modify pistons for gas use (lower compression ratio)
  4. Modify cylinder head for spark plugs
  5. Install camshaft sensor and timing wheel
  6. Reassemble engine
  7. Install mechanical throttle body, Electronic ignition system, static gas mixer or fuel injectors.
  8. Tuning of the engine (fuel and ignition)
  9. Install low-pressure Gas Train (if required)

If you are interested, please send us your inquiry along with complete details of diesel engine and power genset. The cost of conversion is depending upon the Make of Diesel Engine, H.P. of the engine, KVA of Power Genset, condition of the diesel engine, year of make, working hours of the genset, etc. 

Please fill the details as per attached sheet. 


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